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You Wey No Dey Set Up Alter, How Many Billions You Don Make – Comedian Acapella Slams Daddy Freeze For Saying Chinese Are Not Religious Yet Wealthy




Acapella and Daddy Freeze

Popular Nigerian comedian, Acapella has taken a swipe at media personality, Daddy Freeze after he stated that the Chinese are not religious yet successful.

Freeze had gone on Instagram to share an article about China getting new billionaires every 5 days.

In the caption, the media personality pointed out that most Chinese are not religious and they don’t pray, yet they are rich, while Nigerians spend all their time praying for destiny helpers.

Comedian Acapella hit back at him and asked him to allow people pray if they want to.

Acapella wrote to Freeze: “You wey no dey set up alter normally, how many billions you don make? Allow people pray if they want to.”

Freeze replied, challenging the comedian to list 10 things the prayers of Nigerians have done for them.



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