Why Frida Sofia Was Arrested Check Charges Against Her in Miami?

Mexican artist Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter Frida Sofía has been arrested. The singer was reportedly arrested on Sunday night, January 23, 2022, in Miami. According to the information garnered by the police, Frida was disturbing public order. While she was being detained, the young singer was resisting and was not cooperating with the police. Ever since the news surfaced on the internet, the public has gotten curious about the reason why she was arrested in the first place. Several people also searched for who is Frida Sofía online and have made the singer a trending topic overnight.

Frida Sofia arrested

A picture of Frida Sofía has also been published on various sites where her hair is appearing blue. It has been circulating on various platforms as netizens have made this a topic of debate. However, it is still not revealed why cops arrested Sofía in Miami. Whatever be the reason, it is confirmed that the singer has been arrested and has shocked her well-wishers who are getting worried about her. It has been coming forward that Silvia Panel and Enrique Guzmán granddaughter was released on a $1,500 bail. She paid the amount on Monday afternoon and it was then she got released.

Why Frida Sofia Arrested?

Well, it is not the first time when the singer has landed in the controversy as earlier she had accused her grandfather and mother of sexually abusing her when she had not come of age and was just a child. Her accusations against Frida had brought the entire Guzmán family into the limelight. Even in April last year, Frida had shared on social media that she will be taking legal steps against numerous people who have somehow affected her life. The announcement has surely affected all her fans and well-wishers who had gotten surprised by the news.

The accusations against Enrique Guzmán have also grabbed huge attention from the netizens worldwide. Netizens have slammed him and had stated it was not the first time when he had gotten such accusations as earlier he was accused of touching Verónica without her consent and even had made some unacceptable comments about Alejandra, his own daughter. This is the reason why the family continues to be in the spotlight. Well, now, the latest news is that the singer Frida Sofía has been taken into custody and is facing two charges including disturbing public orders and resisting at the time of her arrest. Not much is known about the matter yet.

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