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Why Aeroplanes Are Not Affected By Lightning Strikes? See The Reason Here



Cases of commercial airplanes getting struck by lightning are frequent. The impacts of such strikes are, however, not as risky as we would imagine. Keep reading to understand how planes are designed to survive the scary lightning strikes.

Since the last plane crash that was thought to be caused by lightning in 1967, much emphasis has been directed on lightning protection techniques. Plane’s outer skins are made of aluminum material which conducts electricity efficiently. Therefore even if bolts of lightning will strike planes, nothing will happen to passengers and the plane’s interior facilities.


Moreover, there is a metal mesh that goes into the skin of the airplane. This also plays a role in conducting the electricity in an attempt to avoid its gross impacts.

The fuel tank is another region that is given great attention. It is highly shielded to avoid any bursts as a result of lightning strikes.

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