Who Was Brianna Kupfer? UCLA Grad Student Los Angeles Stabbing Victim Who Killed Her?

The horrific incident that happened in Los Angeles wherein an ICLA graduate student named Brianna Kupfer was stabbed and killed in a random attack by goons is still trending on the Internet. People in a huge number are waiting for the government to serve justice to the young and innocent girl who just lost her life as some goon wanted to loos the store. One of the brilliant students of UCLA became the victim of a daylight attack. Brianna Kupfer was working at a luxurious furniture store part-time. Get more information on Brianna Kupfer the LA stabbing victim.

Who Was Brianna Kupfer? UCLA Grad Student Los Angeles Stabbing Victim Who Killed Her?

Brianna’s father Todd Kupfer is devasted and heartbroken after learning about her prettiest daughter’s killing and that is too without any reason. Todd said that her daughter was 24 years old when she was slain. Todd also released that his daughter was working at Croft House a suave furniture store on North La Brea Avenue for about a year as a consultant. The high-end retailer also connected with some of the significant personalities including actress Mandy Moore. Her father released all this information during a negotiation along with one of the most reputed and trustable sources of media Fox News.

Who Was Brianna Kupfer?

In addition to this Todd said on the day she was stabbed and killed she was supposed to fly to New York for the weekend to celebrate her friend’s birthday. He also informed them about her sister and friend named Mikaela. He said that they were more than just normal siblings and no can separate them at any cost. Her father then appreciated her daughter’s personality and her decent behavior. Todd said that her daughter just cherished the atmosphere with her smile. He added that she was a humble soul and always take care of other people around her.

Todd also opened up about her daughter’s origins during an interview with a trustworthy media source and said that her daughter grew up in Pacific Palisades. She was born to Todd and Lori Kupfer. She had a little sister named Mikaela and her brother Brandon and Tucker. As we earlier Mikaela was her best friend and her sister who is in extreme shock and it getting hard for her to believe that such happened to her sister.

As of now, the Police are chasing the suspects who were also captured in CCTV footage assumed a 31 years old Shawn Laval Smith. The authorities are offering a reward of $250,000 for the information of the fugitive. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information.

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