Who Was Anthony Holzer and What Was His Cause of Death? Anthony Holzer Found Dead at Eyota Garage

There are some reports coming from Eyota’s Sheriff’s office who confirmed the death of Anthony Holzer. He was the second person who died. According to the recent updates, he was the second person who was reportedly pronounced dead.

Anthony Holzer Passed Away

According to the reports, Mueller was the first dead man or identified person who was pronounced dead at the residence. Holzer and the other person were taken to the Mayo Clinic Hospital-Saint Marys, but later, the news of their passing started to displayed on the Internet.

Who Was Anthony Holzer?

Some of the reports started to reveal and the reports are believing that Anthony Holzer was a 49-years-old man who died recently. Along with a 38-years-old man, Brandon Mueller, Tony and Anthony are other victims who died due to a weekend incident in an Eyota Garage.

Many details have been shared by the sheriff’s office and first, Brandon Mueller’s unconscious body was found on January 15, 2022, in a garage in the 500 Block of Canyon Lane Northwest in Eyota.

Along with this, the reports are also believing that almost three people were harmed in the garage. Among them, two individuals passed away and one is in the hospital. The autopsy report has been scheduled for Wednesday.

At the time of Brandon Mueller’s passing, Carbon Monoxide was believed to be a cause of his death but according to the medical examiner, that was not an actual cause of his death.

How Did Anthony Holzer Die?

The officers smelled gas after their arrival at the spot and Narcan was given to all three individuals. One of them is still sacrificing in the hospital and battling between life and death. The actual status of his condition has not been revealed.

Well, the actual cause of his death is uncleared but the autopsy report is still under processing. After the passing of Anthony Holzer, he left his family including his wife and children. They couldn’t believe that their beloved family member has gone from this world.

Holzer’s widowed wife, Michele, and their children, Tyler and Carly have lost their beloved family member at a very young age. Anthony’s mother, Geraldine is mourning for her beloved son. Many details regarding their family and friends have not been revealed but he was a great man and living with his beloved family.

His passing was a big loss for his family who is surfing for a very difficult time. Anthony Holzer will be always remembered by his family and friends.

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