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Unwanted Erection: Things Men Can Do To Stop It



Erections are the result of a normal biological process that is helpful for men who desire to engage in sexual activity or masturbation. But occasionally a man gets an erection even though he doesn’t want one.

An erection can typically be removed by reaching orgasm and ejaculating, but this is not always suitable or desirable.

According to Medicalnewstoday, men could find the following ideas more beneficial in preventing and stopping an unwanted erection:

1. Waiting calmly

Waiting for an unwanted erection to go away is an easy way to handle it. You can do this by sitting down, breathing slowly, or remaining composed.

Covering the erection with a long jacket, shirt, or laptop may assist to lessen embarrassment. While the erection may appear noticeable to the individual experiencing it, the majority of others will not have seen it, thus there is no need to be concerned.

2. Practice meditation

A person can cease focusing on erotic ideas and get rid of an unwanted erection by practising meditation.

Everyone can practice meditation, which promotes calmness. When they first start meditation, some individuals find it challenging, but some classes and applications can assist.

It is a good idea to meditate throughout the day before relying on it to dissolve an erection.

3. Distraction

Erections can be treated by diverting attention to other ideas. The following can be useful:

1. Abstaining from contemplating anything arousing

2. Concentrating on a mathematical issue

3. Remembering a speech, a poem, or the answer to a riddle

4. Changing position

A man may also be able to get rid of an erection by shifting his standing or sitting position. By doing this, you might be able to get rid of any clothing that might have been irritating your penis.

If a man is in a social or uncomfortable setting, changing positions may also assist him to conceal his erection.

5. Taking a cold water shower

A tried-and-true method for some guys to get rid of an erection is to take a cold shower. Showering is not always practical, though.

6. Having a warm bath

While some guys use a cold shower to get rid of their erections, others find that a warm bath works better.

A warm bath can promote relaxation and lessen the excitement. Additionally, it may facilitate urination, which could aid in the cessation of an erection.

7. Involve in gentle exercise

Gentle exercise may help some guys get rid of an erection. Simple exercises to attempt to include jogging and using an exercise bike.

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