Travis Pastrana Accident/ Crash Video How Is He? Dead Or Alive? Check Health Condition

Most lately a video is circulating all over the Internet covering a horrible parachute accident. The entire accident has been covered by a CCTV camera. The video is circulating on social networking sites and consumers are giving their shocking reactions to the video. According to the reports, Pastrana got severely injured after jumping from High-Rise gone wrong that has been recorded by the CCTV camera and later went viral all over the Internet. The emergency service arrived at spot and rushed the stuntman to the hospital. Get more information on Travis Pastrana Accident Video.

Travis Pastrana

As per the reports, Travis Pastrana is one of the famous motorsports enthusiasts and stuntman who met with a serious accident lately during a parachute ride. The entire incident took place in Florida on Saturday, 22 January. As we mentioned above the stuntman was tried to jump from a tall building of a downtown hotel at Huizenga Plaza below. The video is circulating on YouTube and other social media and rapidly shared by the consumers on other platforms making the video much more popular. The news is also trending on another significant social media platform that updated the current situation of the stuntman.

Who Is Travis Pastrana?

According to one of the Tweets posted by the handler named From the City to the suburbs. The Twitter handler released the information that Pastrana was Hospitalized After a horrifying Parachute Stunt Crash took place in Florida. The 38 years old motorsports enthusiasts were admitted to the hospital to get treatment of his injuries. However, the page hasn’t released the complete information on the details of the injuries. It is under review whether the family of the gold medalist learn about the accident or not. We will soon get back to you with all the uncovered details.

If we talk more about the motorsports competitor and stunt man, he is the recepnt of the Gold Medal in X-Games for 11 consecutive times in his field. His name enlisted in America’s stunt master in chief. Moreover, his accident video has even posted on his official Instagram account wherein Travis Pastrana is trying to control his parachute after jumping from hotel roof as and when he was about to fly he started heading toward the ground. Get more information on Travis Pastrana Accident Video here on Social Telecast.

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