Shocking: The Moment Texas Parents Got Arrested After Children Found Covered in Feces

As of recent, Smith County Sheriff’s Office representatives captured Katelynn Schengeli and accused her of four counts of kid risk.

Allow us to let you know that Katelynn and her accomplice Cory Evan were likewise charged an earlier day when the police made a stunning disclosure at their home. Up to this point, the authorities have as of now captured her for the violations that she did.

Later the oldest kid called 911, police observed four kids incorporating a baby covered with defecation, inside an “amazingly grimy” staying. There are bunches of cases showing up on the web where certain individuals cross their cutoff points and endeavor some huge wrongdoings.

Texas Parents Arrested After Children Found Covered in Feces

Discussing the continuous case, Schengeli and Williams appear to have a great deal in run of the mill, with the two moms clearly overlooking their youngsters in the fury of different endeavors. The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Schengeli’s four kids are currently held “in a protected climate” while she and Evans are as of now in prison.


There are not many subtleties accessible with regards to the two guardians in which they have been charged. Evans should be Schengeli’s beau and father of the newborn child and four-year-old twin young ladies. The dad of the eight-year-old, who called 911, is yet to be followed.

We were unable to observe any online media profiles for Schengeli or Evans, so it’s uncertain where they worked for sure they accomplished professionally. On December 22, the senior kid dialed 911 later Schengeli got unaware of savoring liquor greater amount. This prompted EMS arriving at the home, where they found a child in a den close to her bed.


The youngster was allegedly enveloped by dung emerging from her diaper and was hollering. Specialists on call observed the twins secured a room, with one laying on the floor without garments. Discussing the subsequent youngster, she was “yelling for water”.

Subsequent to conveying essential youngster care, Child Protective Services were called while Schengeli was arrested. A representative for the sheriff’s office said, “The home was amazingly grimy and there was an exceptionally solid smell of excrement radiating from each room.”


The twin and child were viewed as malnourished and were taken to a nearby medical clinic for assessment. Up until this point, Katelynn Schengeli has been accused of four charges of youngster danger and it is indistinct what Schengeli’s bond has been set at. There isn’t a lot of data accessible connected with this case however we will refresh all the data when we get any.

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