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Photos: Female Animals That Eat Up Their Mates After Intercourse



Many examples of cannibalism in nature are known, particularly cannibalism related to sexual intercourse. Despite the “bad ends” at which some male animals find themselves, it doesn’t seem to deter them from trying to reproduce. The species is proof positive that death by sex is a successful evolutionary strategy. By surrendering themselves to their mates, males achieve the goal of mating — passing on their genes.

1. The Bachelor Midge

According to Nationalgeographic, the male Bachelor Midge suffers during copulation. During mating, the female sucks the blood from the male, causing its genital to break off inside the female. All for evolutionary benefit, because it prevents other males from impregnating the female. Ideally, the male sacrifice guarantees its offspring.

2. Black widow spiders are several species of arachnids in the genus Latrodectus that are known for the females’ unique. They are the most venomous spiders in North America; however, their bite is rarely fatal to humans.

According to Bbc, black window spiders are voracious predators and consume a wide range of prey, which sometimes includes their mates. Males are more likely to be eaten if they are much smaller than females, which likely affects how easy they are to catch.

3. Praying Mantis

Female praying mantises who eat their mates after sex produce a greater number of eggs than those who do not, with the bodies of the ill-fated males used to aid their production. After mating, the female stores the male’s sperm and later uses it to fertilise the eggs that she produces.

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