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Overall benefits of pepper soup & how to prepare It



Nigerians find it hard to say no to catfish, cow leg, goat head, chicken, offal or beef dipped in a hot bowl of pepper soup. While that is true, if you also knew how beneficial it is to your well-being, you will be intentional about its consumption.

Why is that? Information, whether good or bad, doesn’t leave you the same. When you get to learn about the benefits of pepper soup, your orientation is refined and it will show in your attitude to its consumption and how you prepare it.

The aroma is irresistible, true, and now not just the aroma will keep you hooked, but the benefits it has for you will keep you hooked too.

The average man knows that it is basic knowledge for pepper soup to be taken before a meal, and that is because it serves as an appetiser, but it doesn’t end at just that. There are several benefits that this soup has for the body to make it healthy. A bowl of pepper soup is one goodness that the average Nigerian will never say no to especially when it is garnished with your favourite protein dish.

The dish is easy to prepare and does not cost much time to prepare, yet it doesn’t lack benefits.

This is contrary to the opinion of people that food you spend more time cooking is more beneficial than fast food. It can be taken with food like yam, potato, rice, plantain and any other food.

What you add to the soup defines the nutrients you’ll get from it.

Above all, there’s no one-size-fits-all for the preparation and consumption of this. Some would rather enjoy their pepper soup with vegetables, protein, or carbohydrates.

Overall benefits of pepper soup

1. It is medicinal

A scientific review by Dr Heben’s team on says that the soup does help to control heart rate. It also helps to control blood pressure, and keep it from getting ridiculously high or low. In other words, it helps to stabilize blood pressure.

Another medicinal function of pepper soup is that it chases away free radicals that could cause cancer. Pepper soup can relieve you of cold and cough. There are several other medicinal benefits it has that you should look out for. Read more here.

2. Healthy skin

There are people who desire clear and healthy skin without having to put so much work into the process. Or it could also be that spending money on skin products is not a priority for you at the moment; in other words, you don’t have the money for it. It could also be that you are unsure of the suitable products for your skin and you’d rather play safe.

Say no more, pepper soup to the rescue. The soup prevents the occurrence of vitiligo and helps to get rid of skin diseases and other skin conditions alike.

3. Suitable for cold weather and provides warmth for the body

When the weather is cold it is usually advised that you take in something warm, and avoid something cold. Hot and spicy pepper soup is essential to provide warmth for your body. It’s a win-win. You enjoy your pepper soup and your body gets warmth while you are at it. Take pepper soup, and keep your body warm in the face of the weather.

4. Anti-oxidant properties

According to, what makes pepper soup healthy is the ingredients found in it. Unripe plantain, fresh catfish, cow skin, beef or goat meat can be found in pepper soup, and they don’t only taste nice; they contain anti-oxidants. To know about the importance of antioxidants for your body, read this.

5. Weight loss

Nigerian pepper soup is recorded to be effective for weight loss. The major ingredient in it is pepper, and its consumption could cause you to drink plenty of water. Why? When you consume pepper, you’d rather go for more water than food. That’s one trick that would enable you to take its consumption seriously.

According to an article by You Must Get Healthy, the spicy flavour in pepper causes your body temperature to increase and it causes your body to lose fat.

6. Helps you gain appetite

You hardly eat because of loss of appetite and you are tired of swallowing pills to stimulate your appetite. And maybe you don’t swallow pills but you leave your appetite to chance by allowing it pick up itself. Why not take pepper soup? That way, you can get rid of pills, and at the same time, get your appetite to be alive.

How to make pepper soup that no one can resist

There are different recipes for different people. And its preparation is relative. However, here is a simple and cost-friendly way to prepare pepper soup.

What are the basic ingredients that you’ll need?

  1. Crayfish powder
  2. Pepper soup spice
  3. Scent leaves (called efinrin in Yoruba)
  4. Protein of your choice; fish, goat meat, beef, chicken, etc.
  5. Onion
  6. Seasoning cubes (also known as Maggi in Nigeria)
  7. Blended pepper or powdered pepper
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Water
  10. Other spices like garlic, bay leaves in pepper soup (optional)

Note: The measurement is dependent on how many people you are cooking for and the desired quantity. 

Preparation of your pepper soup

  1. Get the protein to be used ready by washing it and boil it (boiling fish is optional)
  2. Pour some water into the pot and add your pepper to it; fresh or powdered chili pepper
  3. Add your crayfish powder, the pepper soup spice, seasoning cubes(crushed), neatly chopped onion, salt to taste, and other spices of your choice
  4. Add water
  5. Leave to cook for some minutes
  6. Then add your protein either fish, beef or any other of your choice
  7. Cover the pot to simmer for about 5 minutes
  8. Add the scent leaves of your choice and mix
  9. Your pepper soup is ready to be served and consumed

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