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Note: These Are Things You Should Avoid Doing With Your Smartphone



Most times our smartphones remain the most abused personal gadgets in recent times, although we may not be aware of how we are abusing our smartphone there has been some life-threatening accident that was caused by the wrong usage, this is why in this article I’ll be highlighting some things we shouldn’t be doing to or with our smartphones as stated in;

1. Do away with making calls or playing games while the phone is charging:

If you have a habit of plugging your mobile phone while playing a mobile game or while making a call, you should do away with such because such a habit makes your phone overheated and also there is a slight chance of you being electrocuted in the process.

2. Avoid plugging in your earphones in your ears while you’re charging your phone

This is a very bad habit because the user stands a high chance of being electrocuted in the process of using their phone.

3. Avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight, most especially when charging your smartphone:


Users should avoid charging phones directly under sunlight or on other hot surfaces such as dashboards of cars, as this may cause overheating in the phone.

4. Avoid downloading apps from various unknown sources or website:

The download of apps for your smartphone from other sources apart from the official app stores should not be encouraged, and that is because some apps offered there can steal your data or track your movements via installing malware or spyware on your phone without your knowledge.

5. Don’t use a fake or cheap adapter to charge your phone:


It is more advisable to always use the charger that comes pre-packed with your phone if by chance your original charger gets missing or spoilt you should replace it with an original one which output voltage matches the original one that came with your phone.

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