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Man got CANCER OF THE EYE because he did this with Phone almost every night



It’s not advisable to use bright phone screen light in a dark room, if you are using your phone in the night, always turn on eye-care or night mode depending on the kind of phone you are using. Different phones has different names for it.

A 40-year-old man was diagnosed with cancer in his eye as a result of eye inflammation.

There are many studies that indicate that the green light from the cell phone screen can cause retinal cell death in humans, affecting our vision.

When we use the cell phone in the dark or in dim light for a long time, an electron beam will shine directly into our eye, it will cause dryness in the conjunctiva, and the result may be cancer or blindness.

The 40-year-old man visited the doctor when he could not see clearly, the albumen became red due to several injuries. When he tells the doctor how he uses his cell phone every night for about 30 minutes in the dark before he goes to sleep.

This prolonged use caused macular degeneration, which led to poor vision and signs of eye cancer.

This is a warning to all those who use the mobile phone before going to bed! Try to disconnect from it, and if you can’t, use it with light, and only then turn it off. It can save your life!

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