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Man confesses – My mother-in-law Made My Marriage Collapse



 Man confesses – My mother-in-law Made My Marriage Collapse: Embattled young man opens up about the reason for the collapse of his marriage following an affair with his mother-in-law.

A socialite identified as Tufab initiated a questionnaire aimed at getting entertaining feedback but was left in shock following the responses received.

My mother-in-law influenced my marriage collapse after turning her down — Man confesses

“Share a s*xual secret with me that you’ve never told anyone,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

From one of the responses, an individual revealed that he once made out with his mother-in-law after which he vowed not to repeat the same.

Backing down, however, cost him his marriage as his now ex-wife’s mother influenced the collapse of his matrimony.

“Had sxx with my ex wife’s mother only once. She influenced my marriage collapse when I refused it,” he wrote.

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