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It’s Bad: Get Out Immediately If You Find These Things In An Hotel Room Or A Public Bathroom.



So Notice the double hooks in coat loops that are not usually the same old ones.

Does anything feel like you’re a little off?

Without problems they can be connected to any wall within the house, or places like a public bathroom, and you wouldn’t even give them a second thought.

What’s an innocent-looking hook to the big deal?


Since this wall hook is a small camera secret, watching people in the kitchen, guest rooms and dressing rooms.

Especially during the shower, women were recorded or converted with their knowledge.

They ‘re anonymity is breached completely, and they’re not even privy to it.

Doesn’t it cause you glance back at any inn you’ve ever lived in and wonder whether you’ve been observed secretly?

Such sly little cameras are surprisingly easy to find and much easier to mount.

The camera comes with a battery and transfer cord, and the hook is sold at a hardware store like any other one.

And someone will look the pictures as close as the space below.

That’s enough to keep you from having to check into a resort again in some way.

One thing you may not know, is that this is out of place somewhere in a room.

For instance, if you see a hook in an area that makes no sense for a hook to be, believe your instincts.

When the digicam is recording you can sometimes see the light.

This is the cue to get out of the lodge and promptly contact the police.

That makes this so frightening is that those undercover camera hooks from the agent are available, inexpensive and easy to purchase from criminals.

Although initially designed to improve security in your house, they could make it easy to prey on unsuspected victims in the grip of the wrong people.

Luckily, the know-how is power.

You would have the potential to protect yourself against unwelcome snooping once you know that coat hangers will include cameras and be more vigilant while commuting or using a public facility to undress.


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