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Here Are The Causes of Stiff fingers and Some home remedies to help relief it.



Stiff fingers could make you very uncomfortable and it may also also affect your daily life. A verified health site, Medicalnewstoday shared the causes and home remedies for stiff fingers.

Below are the causes.

1. Osteoarthritis

This is a type of arthritis and it affects mostly adults. Osteoarthritis occurs due to inflammation around your joints and this makes the cartilage between your bones break down.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

This is an autoimmune condition caused by inflammation and it attacks the healthy cells in your body. It could cause fever, tiredness, weight loss, swelling

3.Trigger finger or Tenosynovitis.

This condition causes inflammation within the protective sheath around the tendon of your finger. Trigger finger could lead to swelling or painful lump around that place.

4. Hand tendonitis.

Tendinitis is caused by inflammation and swelling in your tendons. It happens when you hit your finger so hard when engaging in sports or manual labor.

There some home remedies that could help relief the symptoms of stiff fingers.

Below are them.

1. Apply heat or ice packs to the affected region.

2. Do some hand exercises gently to help enhance proper finger movement.

3. Apply capsaicin creams or gels to the affected fingers.

4. Avoid or limit the way you use the stiff or affect finger.

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