Full video Link: Natalia deodato bbb Video l3aked, video circulates twitter and reddit

An [email protected] video allegedly of Natália Dedodato, 22, began to circulate on social networks on Tuesday night (18). Home recordings show a woman with signs of vitiligo performing oral s3x on her partner. Advice from members of the BBB22 Pipoca team in a statement on social networks, informing that the corresponding measures will be taken.

Although all the participants in the reality show knew about the exposure, there was no reason to justify the invasion of the privacy and intimacy of any individual. It is important to remind Internet users that the Brazilian Penal Code Law No. 13,718, of September 25, 2018, criminalizes the disclosure of s3xual, nude or p0rn0graphic scenes without the consent of the victim. The maximum penalty is 5 (five) years in prison.

In addition, the criminalization of article 218-C means that the perpetrator is responsible for the mental damage of the alleged victim. Therefore, he must compensate her for the criminal sanction, without prejudice to the fact that she may subsequently claim additional damages in the civil sphere.

In the BBB22 player announcement video released last Friday (14), each player said their name, age, occupation and some introductions. In the case of Bárbara Heck in Time Pipoca, the older sister is presented as a model and in public relations. However, the 29-year-old would have lied about the profession, according to the federal council of the region.

The Federal Council of the Public Relations Profession (Conferp) published a note on its social network detailing Bárbara’s situation and explaining how the profession works in Brazil.

“The public relations profession is regulated by Federal Law No. 5,377/1967 and is the only profession regulated by law in the field of social communication. The aforementioned legislation highlights that the public relations profession is exclusive to citizens. Graduates with higher positions in the educational program (graduation) of the live region”, he explained.

The note pointed out that the sister could not be qualified as a public relations professional because she did not regulate the registration of the profession. The council also advised Barbara to do this registration if she wanted to start an event.

“Based on these clarifications, and based on data collected to date, in local and public statements, BBB22 participants have been trained in the region and are not professionally registered with the regional boards under their jurisdiction, but currently do not is exercising the profession. We emphasize that professional registration is mandatory for the exercise of this profession, until now it could be called postgraduate, postgraduate or postgraduate in public relations, “concluded the statement.

In her demonstration video, Barbara says that she graduated in public relations, but that she is a model and digital influencer. She is currently working on a postgraduate degree in neuroscience. The participant’s team did not comment for this story.

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