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Ferment Honey and Garlic For 1 Week and Take a Spoonful Every Morning To Get the Following Benefits



Both honey and garlic have strong medicinal benefits, so it’s important to have them in your kitchen. When fermented together they have been found to yield more effect on ones body. You should try it out in order to reap it’s many healthy benefits.

Honey is rich in oligosaccharides, a prebiotic that stimulates the beneficial lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the gut.

Garlic is also a fantastic prebiotic and contains an organosulfur compound with a pungent smell, allicin, activated when raw cloves are bruised and exposed to oxygen.

Both have a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal effects. It benefits the cardiovascular system, supports healthy blood sugar levels and is cancer protective.

How to prepare fermented honey garlic

1. Peel 2 whole garlic, crush a little and put in 200ml jar.

2. Pour in some raw honey to cover the garlic.

3. Cover the jar loosely with a lid to let the gases escape, and put it in a dark place to ferment.

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4. Gently turn the jar over every day to make sure all the garlic stay coated with honey.

Within 1 week you will notice some bubbles forming on the surface of the honey. Also honey will become lighter due to moisture produced by garlic.

After one week take a whole clove or a spoonful of honey every morning on an empty stomach.


Raw honey is used since it contains the bacteria and wild yeast that is necessary for fermentation.

By lightly crushing or bruising the garlic cloves, natural juices are released which aids the fermentation process.

Here are the benefits of fermented honey garlic;

1. Helps to fight cold and flu symptoms.

2. It aids in detoxification.

3. It helps to maintain and achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

4. It supports healthy blood pressure levels.

5. It aids in digestion.

6. It boosts the immune systems.



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