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Eating Bitter Kola Regularly can Help take Care These 3 Conditions



The “bitter” fruit known as “bitter kola” or “Garcinia Kola” is popular in West African countries. In Nigeria, the Yoruba call Bitter Kola “Orogbo,” the Hausa call it “Miji-goro,” and the Igbo call it “Akiilu.” Many people over the age of 60 eat Bitter Kola on the off chance that it will extend their lives. Scientific research has shown that bitter kola possesses chemical components that have positive effects on health.

Intake of bitter kola on a regular basis is recommended for the treatment of the aforementioned health issues, as cited by Healthline.


In Africa, people frequently use the bitter kola seed to alleviate the pain and swelling of inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Knee osteoarthritis patients who consumed bitter kola saw a substantial decrease in inflammation compared to those who consumed a placebo, according to a study conducted in 2008. The high potassium concentration of bitter kola may contribute to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Habitual bowel inactivity

Because of the high fiber content, bitter kola nut can be used to treat and prevent gastrointestinal issues like bloating, constipation, and other bowel movement disruptions.


Glaucoma is characterized by a progressive loss of eyesight as a result of elevated intraocular pressure. You risk going blind if you don’t get it treated. The bitter kola plant, on the other hand, has proven effective as an eye cure. Consuming bitter kola at least twice a day has been shown to significantly reduce intraocular pressure.

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