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Don’t Open These Photos If You Can Not Control Yourself



 Don’t Open These Photos If You Can Not Control Yourself: In addition to being a lot of fun, laughing together has health benefits. The healing power of laughter is immense. Connecting with others in this way has been shown to have positive effects on both physical and mental health.



Nothing is more effective than a good belly laugh in restoring mental and physical equilibrium quickly and reliably. Here are some humorous pictures of various types.

First, a youngster inquires to his father, “Dad, are bugs okay to eat?” The father says, “Don’t bring that up at the dinner table; it’s filthy.” A question-and-answer session between father and son after dinner. Oh, he says, “nothing,” and the boy responds. “The insect in your soup has been removed.”

My second paragraph: I attempted to compose a story about a broken pencil, but I eventually abandoned it as futile.

A wind farm has two wind turbines in operation. The question, “What’s your favorite genre of music?” is posed.

One responds, “I’m a major metal fan,” and the other agrees.

Friend, I don’t get it; the Fabiano Shop in the mall is always deserted, yet when you go outside, everyone is sporting the brand name. Do they offer direct home delivery?

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