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Boy Who Can’t See Clearly Gives Away His Prescription Glasses To A Girl He Likes





A Twitter user has taken to the microblogging platform to disclose that a boy who has a crush on her daughter gave her his prescription glasses.

She stated that the boy is doing everything to impress her daughter by giving up his gift of sight.

She said she is negotiating the glasses return with her daughter by replacing them with another one.

She tweeted: “One of y’all son’s has a crush on my daughter and gave her his glasses today. His prescription glasses that he cannot see without. Just like a boy doing anything to impress a girl. Giving up the gift of sight is crazy.”

She added that when she told her daughter that they have to return the glasses because the boy can’t see without it, the girl told her, “well he saw what he was doing when he gave them to me.”

The mother went on to share adorable videos of her daughter flaunting the glasses she got from her crush.

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