Bigg Boss 15 Today’s 26th Jan 2022 Episode Check Voting Result Trends Shamita and Tejasswi Fight

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, as we all know one of the highly dramatic television shows Bigg Boss is on the verge of its ongoing season. All the viewers of the show are getting highly excited about the winner of Bigg Boss 15. As of now, netizens are coming with several series regarding the upcoming victor. On another hand, the audience is swamped in voting their favourite contenders. The atmosphere of the house is immensely tense. The ongoing season is numbering its days but even after the level of entertainment is getting enhanced. Get more information on Bigg Boss 15 Written Update.

Bigg Boss 15

Well, the thriving edition has given us one of the most charming couples Karan Kundra and Tejaswani Prakash. Although, Tejaswanii is a bit insecure from her co-contestant Shamita Shetty. Karan and Shamita have an impeccable bond with each other. In the recent episodes, we have discovered that Tejasvini is feeling the blue as fans give them a hashtag ‘ShaRan’. The jealousy of Tejasvini from Shamita won’t seem to end and when it adds fuel to the fire when Shamita seems giving a message to Karan.

In the previous episode, we have watched two significant Radio Jockey enter the house of the Bigg Boss to roast all the contestants and started a QnA session. The RJ revealed that Shamita and Karan are trending outside the house and the duo is trending all over the Internet as #ShaRan. Shamita gets elated hearing the trend of her name among the audience. Along with Shamita, Karan also gets amazed learning about the trend. However, Karan didn’t react much as he is aware that Teja was jealous of Shamita. Tejas gets stunned and said “Oh my God! Shamita and Karan ‘Sharan’.”

Later, a task assigned by Bigg Boss wherein all the housemates have to perform, in between the task Tejasswi Prakash was asked to give a message to Karan in return. Although, the task started for fun and joy soon turned into a fierce one. Tejaswi shows her jealousy of Shamita during the task as she was sitting on Karan’s back.

She goes to her dragged Shamita down and said don’t forget that he is Karan Kundra, not your Bapat (Raqesh). This act of Tejas started a huge dispute between both the contestants. Now, the top 6 contestants are competing for trophies in the Grand Finale. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest entertainment updates.

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