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5 Simple Ways To Easily Spot A Fake Product In The Market These Days



1.Fake Nike Shoes

19 Tips That Can Help You Spot a Fake Item


This is one product in the market that has lots of counterfeits. For those who are careful, it’s not easy to be manipulated. The texture of the Nike cannot be easily manipulated by those trying to imitate. Original Nike shoes have a hard leather. Another thing to look as is the symmetry of the shoe. If the shoe is asymmetrical then it’s fake.

2. The Ray-Bans19 Tips That Can Help You Spot a Fake Item


If the ray ban is lenses are made of plastic frames then they have to be whole. It the frame is metallic, then it’s normally neat without protruding points. Most of the lenses are often made of real glass with few made of glasses. It’s always important to check the website that has manufactured the ray bans.

3.Fila Products19 Tips That Can Help You Spot a Fake Item


Irregularity in the stitching of the letter ‘F’ can be normal but when you get the ‘F’ not being sharp at the edges. When Fila is original, the letter ‘F’ in the Fila should be sharp at the edges. You can also look at the holes on the toe cap, there has to be the same distance between each hole if the product is original.

4.Gucci Handbags19 Tips That Can Help You Spot a Fake Item


Inorder to know a fake brand and an original one, you have to keenly observe the two ‘G’s. For and original product, the Gs should be perfect oval and not pointed. When the bag is original the stitching of the bag should be even. If the stitching is uneven then the bag is fake. If the stitching is also of a different colour from the bag, then it’s a fake Gucci bag.

5. Adidas Yeezy tennis shoes19 Tips That Can Help You Spot a Fake Item


Inorder to know and original Yeezy product the wave patterns of the shoe have to be irregular wave prints. The tongue of sneakers should also be curved and not straight when it’s original. You can also look at adidas icon on both shoes and find out whether they are the same size.

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