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3 type Of People Who Should Avoid Eating Kola nut



Kola nut is harvested from kola tree which thrives in the African rain forest. The seeds, also known as kola nuts, can be found inside the white shells of the star-shaped fruits of the tree. It serves as a significant cultural symbol for numerous ethnic groups in Nigeria. In addition to its medicinal uses, it is traditionally presented to guests at weddings, funerals, and naming ceremonies. 

However people with certain health conditions are advised to avoid taking kola nut because of the chemical substance present in it which is not beneficial to their health.

In this article I will enlighten you on 3 groups of people who should avoid eating kola nut according to MedicalNewsToday

1. People with high blood pressure


The active ingredients in the kola nut are stimulants to the body, which can increase blood pressure. Before using a product containing kola nuts, people with high blood pressure or who are currently taking blood pressure medication should speak with their doctor.

2. People with insomnia

Consumption of kola nut has been linked to sleep disturbances, including difficulty falling asleep and maintaining a restful slumber. A person with insomnia may be advised to stay away from kola nuts and other caffeine-containing stimulants.

3. People with anxiety

Shakiness, tremors, and anxiety have all been linked to the central nervous system effects of kola nuts. Anxious people may be more susceptible to the trembling effects of kola nuts.

4. People who always have nausea

Consuming an excessive amount of kola nut

may cause gastrointestinal distress. It may stimulate the production of stomach acids, which may lead to stomach pains for some people.

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