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3 Things Women Seriously Don’t Like Men Doing In The Bedroom



Have you ever stayed with a person and wondered why they are doing things wrongly to you? Then to make matters more complicated, you are afraid of how to tell them about your likes or dislikes for fear of how you will be perceived?


Well, that is the case in which many people find themselves in while in relationships or marriage. In most cases, partners hit it wrong on their lovers and for respect of upholding an image of high dignity, the lover stays shut.

In this article, we shall consider some of the things which men do in bed and women find them quite uninteresting as has been posted by three minutes health on Facebook.

1. Keeping their socks on

Some men are too tired or rather too lazy to pull out their socks. Now, research has proven that women find it unattractive and as complete turn off when a man gets to bed with his socks on.


2. Being too silent

Over the years, women have been advised to spice up matters by being vocal. However, it is equally a turn off when a man goes silent all through since the woman fails to understand what the man is thinking.

3. Taking too long

Some men think that women like it when they last too long in bed. However, research has shown it that after 20 minutes, women get exhausted and need a break

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