19-Year-Old Military Driver Charged In Rollover Crash As 2 Marines Dead 17 Injured

Most lately heart-wrenching news has been surfacing all over informing about the accident of a military vehicle that claimed the life of two marines in the mishap. According to the latest reports, the accident took place after 1 PM on US 17 at NC 210 in Onslow County located at a distance from Camp Lejeune. Another 19-year-old military driver was accused of the accident that claimed the life of 2 Marines, the identification of the officials are yet to be cleared. The investigation on the entire case is processed lately. Obtain more information on the military vehicle accident.

19-Year-Old Military Driver Charged In Rollover Crash As 2 Marines Dead 17 Injured

According to the latest reports, a military vehicle carrying 15 Marines was driven by a 19 years old military driver who crashed while taking a turn. It is being said after analyzing the facts that the truck was overspeeding due to which the 7-ton military vehicle lost its balance and overturned on the road. Another vehicle running behind the crashed vehicle was failed to stop at the right time and hit one of the marines who manage to eject from the vehicle. Along with him another marine also lost his life. The rest of the 17 marines got injured in the accident admitted to the hospital.

19-Year-Old Military Driver Charged In Rollover Crash

Moreover, both of the unidentified marines has been airlifted to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. This horrific news went viral all over the Interner and the driver of the vehicle has proceeded for further military investigation. As the reports issued by the Highway Patrol claimed that the prominent factor of the accident of extremely heavy vehicles is overspeeding. The driver has been identified as Louis Barrera who is 19 years old belong from Springfield, Tennessee accused of overspeeding the vehicle and two marine official death by a minor misdoing of a motor vehicle.

The entire accident took place in North Carolina on Wednesday 19 January 2022, confirmed by the State Highway Patrol confirmed. As we informed all of you many times, two marine officers died in the accident and the rest of the marines got injured and shifted to the hospital. The complete information has been released by the military authorities and media sources. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any updates.

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