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Why Was YouTuber Ohene David Arrested? Is He In Germany Jail After Raid



One of the famous online personalities and YouTubers named Oehen David is collecting massive attention after some of the rumours regarding him surfacing on the Internet. The South Africa based YouTuber is fetching a high amount of attention when the news of him being arrested in Germany started circulating across the web. However, there aren’t certain evidence obtained claiming the arrest of the famous YouTuber. Although, all of his fans and other members of the YouTube community. Some of the rumours are claiming that the online personality had been alleged with the serious racial slur charges. Get more information on YouTuber Ohene David arrest rumours.

ohene David

As we informed you earlier there isn’t much available regarding the arrest of the online personality. The only rumour that went viral on the Internet is that David had been arrested in Germany. It is being said that the YouTuber has been involved in racial slur and discrimination. According to the latest updates, David is running a successful YouTube channel along with a massive following across the world. It is being said that the YouTuber had visited Germany where he got arrested.

Ohene David usually posts videos related to racial discrimination, lack of education, and poverty in his native country. We have mentioned times in the post that he was arrested for a racial slur that isn’t confirmed officially. Along with that, it is even not clear whether David really arrested or not. But the fans of the YouTuber are supporting him at their best his channel has flooded with the comments of subscribers backing their admirer. One of his subscribers named Ruhuya says, “Hi my dear brother David I am with you.”

As of now, the YouTuber is in Germany it is not clear if the social media personality was apprehended due to his YouTube video. The information is unclear so far, but it is clear that all of his fans are showing their complete support for David. Before David, another YouTuber from Germany named Ahmad Ahad had been detained by law enforcement in 2017.

He was also charged for discrimination in the country with his ill-advised due to which he was apprehended and proceeded to jail. Well, now, the fans are waiting for the latest details of David. We will get back to you with further information. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.

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