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Why Ernest Diaz Was Stabbed? Is He Dead Or Alive? Who Is Vito Bauza?



In the recent news, it is coming forward that Ernest Diaz has been stabbed to death. Earnest who worked as a security guard and bouncer was found dead in the Brooklyn apartment. The news has shaken all the residents of the area and with that, the case has come to the limelight. It is being discussed by the netizens as they are talking about who stabbed Earnest Diaz and if he was actually murdered? Here, we have tried to provide all the details of the shocking case and about Earnst Diaz and his cause of death.

Ernest Diaz death

According to the New York Daily News, the culprit in Ernest Diaz case has been identified. Believing their reports, a man named Vito Bauza seems to be behind the horrific stabbing. It is reported that Vito stabbed Diaz in Bay Ridge, a day after Thanksgiving. Well, the reason behind him stabbing Earnest Diaz to death has really surprised many as Vito took Diaz’s life in jealousy. Yes, as per reports, Bauza killed him as his new girlfriend has gifted him a new coat. Her action upset Vito to the extent that he took revenge on Ernest by stabbing him to death.

Who is Ernest Diaz?

Besides, it is coming forward that the culprit, Vito Bauza was like a Godfather to Earnest and his family as he helped them with his expenses and funds. To support his family, Diaz has recently joined as an undercover bouncer at a strip club this summer. However, before he could provide his family with all the happiness in the world, he was brutally murdered. Talking about Earnest Diaz, he was just 40 when he was killed. Since he was not much active on social media, his personal details are unknown at the time of writing this article.

It is reported that Vito Bauza surrendered on Nov 27 this year and was later charged with murder along with the charges of possessing a firearm. The 56-year-old reportedly stabbed Earnest Diaz, aged 40, to death. While informing the police, Bauza had said that they had a feud over money as well. The coat issue did nothing good to the already existing feud and it became the cause of Bauza taking Diaz life. The duo had argued moments before his death. Later, Diaz reached Bauza’s home in Bay Ridge wearing the same coat where he was killed by the latter. Follow Social Telecast for more updates on the case!

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