Who Was The Mystery Girl Spotted With Tristan Thompson Viral Video On TikTok

Another Tik Tok video went viral all over the social media networking sites. The video is receiving a tremendous response of the audience nowadays. The prominent reason of the popularity is featuring a mystery woman sitting on the lap of the famous NBA basketball player named Tristan Thompson. As per the reports, the video has been recorded by a woman at a bar in Milwuakee, Wisconsin. Well, there are several reasons behind this went viral Tik Tok video. Well, this is not for the first time when the NBA player is getting famous on Social Media. Get more information on Tristan Thompson TikTok video.

Tristan Thompson with mystery girl

As we informed above the video had been recorded in a bar at Milwaukee, Wisconsin featuring Thompson and the Sacramento team. The team visited the bar after their basketball match. Th video started surfacing on the Internet on January 22, 2022. After the video started circulating across the web the viewers get curious about the mysterious woman identified as Tricia Caracoza who captured the video of the famous basketball player accompanied by a woman sitting on his lap and talking with him.

Tristan Thompson Viral Video

Later, the video was uploaded by Caracoza on the famous video sharing app Tik Tok and from there it has been shared on other social media platforms and went viral. Presently, the basketball player is single, however, he was earlier in a relationship with numerous women. Now, the mysterious woman who was sitting on the lap of the player is becoming a hot topic on the Internet. Although there is nothing much available on her on the Internet. It has been seen in the video that she is a brunette looking ravishing in a black outfit and chatting with him.

The woman who recorded and posted the video of Thompson doesn’t like her recording him and even stopped her but even after that she has recorded him and posted and now the video is viral. Tristan Thompson trends on the Internet usually and now again he is becoming the Internet sensation because of the mysterious woman.

Along with that he also smashed the headlines throughout when Maralee Nichols alleged to him that the player is the father of her son. As and when the player learnt about the allegations he said all these charges are fake. We will get back to you with more information. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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