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Who was Roger Teeter? what was his cause of death? entrepreneur and tv personality dead



Is Cal Harris killed his wife named Michele Harris? Her dead body still remains missing. Cops are investigating her found and also investigating the whole case. Cal Harris got recognition when Dateline tells the story of the death of his wife Michele. The whole incident took place in 2001 when the woman suddenly disappeared on the night of September 11, after returning from her boyfriend’s place.

Roger Teeter

Who was Roger Teeter?

Her car was found stranded and traces of blood were found from Cal’s place, which eventually diverted all the suspects towards him. The fact that their relationship was not a serious one and the couple was in constant disputes further fueled the suspect, leading to Cal’s arrest. Although, the years-long courted procedure and undergoing four trials. Harris was acquitted of all charges.

Is Cal Harris Killed His Wife Michele Harris?

Cal Harris was free from murder charges but there was no evidence of him killing his wife, Michele was proved. The actual murderer of the woman is not caught to this date, it is unfitting to declare someone as the culprit behind the incident. Cal was first arrested and taking him as the prime suspect for the execution of his wife but no concrete evidence was found. The fact that Michele’s dead found is yet to be found further makes it difficult for the officers to reach the root level of the killing. Luckily, Harris didn’t kill his wife according to the legal procedures while the truth behind it is unknown.

Cal And Michele Harris Murder Trial: What happened?

Cal Harris was arrested in the case of attempting the murder of his wife, Michele and it took him four court trials before being free from the charges. The couple was not the happiest when the incident unfolded. This all started going downhill when Cal and Michele’s marriage started failing in 1999. However, they had four children in 2000, and relationships were not going easy between them.  Cal was reportedly in an extramarital affair. In addition, Michele also had a boyfriend at the place where she worked in the company. They only talk due to living in the same house.

Roger Teeter Death Cause

After that, it was also found out that Cal abuses her physically sometimes when his mood seems off.  All these facts led to the arrest of the man as the prime suspect behind the killing. It was thought that he killed his wife on the night of September 11 but his neighbor’s say that he had seen Michele in the morning of the September 12 weakened the case. In the end, there was no concrete proof that says Cal as the man behind the happening was found.

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