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Who Was Nicholas Poole? Check His Car Accident Video CCTV Footage? What Happened To Him?



A horrific crash has been reported that has, sadly, claimed a person’s life. Yes, a shocking piece of news is coming forward that an accident happened on Interstate 485 located in South Charlotte. The crash was so horrific that it snatched a man’s life at an early age. According to the reports, the man has been identified as Nicholas Poole who met with an accident on Wednesday morning that resulted in his spot death. The news has covered all the internet and has become a topic of debate. Check what we know about it.

Nicholas Poole Car Accident

Believing the reports that are going around the internet, the crash took place around 12:30 AM. The car which was involved in the accident reportedly run off the ramp from the outer loop of I-485 to South Boulevard. The moment the officers received the news, they arrived at the scene to investigate it further. According to the troopers, the car was a Hyundai which was driving towards the north side on the exit ramp. While it was on its way, it suddenly drove off to the opposite side of the road resulting in the car hitting a ditch and a tree afterwards.

What Happened To Nicholas Poole?

As the Hyundai hit the tree after hitting the ditch, it rolled towards the north where, unfortunately, it hit another tree. Well, it was the moment when the car eventually caught fire. Sharing the details of the tragic accident, the troopers said that the man who was inside the vehicle at the time of the incident died of the injuries he had sustained. The probability of the man surviving was almost null. As mentioned above, the man and the driver of the Hyundai car is Nicholas Poole. He is a 22-year-old man.

The accident caused Nicholas to be thrown out of his car. It resulted in his sudden death. It is reported that due to the crash and fire, the car situation was worse and it was seen in multiple pieces. Apart from knowing the man’s name and his age, not much information about him is known yet. The police have been trying to collect details too. After the news of the accident came to light, the ramp was shut down as the investigation was ongoing. However, after two hours, it was reopened. We sincerely pray for the deceased soul. Follow our site for more latest news and worldwide updates from every field.

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