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Who Was Jason Jones? What Check His Fire Video Viral On Reddit New York Man



Another news is coming from US, where a New York based man named Jason Jones got set on fire. The video of the incident has been circulating on social media platforms, mainly on Reddit. Netizens are discussing the shocking incident and are giving their views on the same on the internet. However, some section of people still seems to be unaware of the whole matter. Well, we have got them covered. Check this article and find out who was Jason Jones and why his fire video has been trending on Reddit.

Jason Jones

Attorney general office has released a video that shows a man running here and there in the room. The police officers are trying to calm him down but the man does not seem to listen to any of the words. Meanwhile, the man went ahead and sanitized himself using the disinfectants placed in the custody room. The man identified as Jason Jones sanitized himself after going out of reach of the security camera placed there. While this was happening, some words that are unidentified, exchanged between the man and the officers. Later, one of the officers pulled out his taser gun.

Without giving any notice to the man, the officer tased him with the service taser. Within seconds, the screen lit up into blue films. The man suddenly got set up on fire and now his fire video has become the topic of discussion on the internet. The officers who were involved in his killing have not been arrested yet. Well, it is not just the reason behind the video going viral as Jason was left alone when his body caught fire. No one tried to put off the fire and everyone ran outside while Jason tried putting off the fire using his bare hands.

It has been reported that two Catskill NY officers ran out of the police station and left the man burning inside and even shut the door. Jason Jones was then taken to the hospital where he was put on a ventilator for almost 47 days. Despite providing him with the best possible treatment, he couldn’t be saved as most parts of his body were burnt severely. Now, netizens are bashing the officers for killing the 29-year-old man brutally as they could have helped him out but they left him to die. According to the reports, Jason Jones died on December 15, 2021, in the Syracuse Hospital ICU Ward.

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