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Who Was Gregory Ashmore? Melbourne Man Died After Fight With MND Video Footage?



A Melbourne man, terminally ill, decided to end his life after he was permitted under Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying laws. The man named Gregory Ashmore has written a message that was shared on his Facebook account after he passed away. Now, the post is getting a lot of attention from the general public as it is nothing but heartbreaking. The 50-year-old man had written that because of ALS/MND he is tired of living his life and he has decided to take control over the beast which is motor neuron disease.

Gregory Ashmore

Gregory Ashmore called the disease cruel and hideous in the message he left before dying. He further wrote that the disease has intruded their lives for the last 18 months and with the support of his husband and children, he has come up with the idea of ending his suffering and has taken the option of voluntary assisted dying. He further wrote that during his final moments, his family were standing by his side by holding his hands. He concluded the message by expressing his gratitude for the wonderful life he was given.

Who Was Gregory Ashmore?

The post was shared on his official FB page. According to the shared post, Gregory died on Monday, January 24, 2022. He was terminally ill as he was suffering from ALS or MND. You must be wondering what does this mean and what are the symptoms of this disease. Well, let us tell you that MND stands for Motor Neurone Disease which is a very uncommon condition as it affects the nerves and the brain. The condition results in the individual getting weaker day by day.

There is no cure for this disease either and the person having it has to live with it throughout his life. Likewise, ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. For those unversed, both these terms are the same in characteristics and symptoms. Apart from this, the family of the Melbourne man even set up a fundraising page to fight MND where the public can donate.

The family appealed to the general public to help them make any amount of donation. Let us also add that Victoria has become the first state of Australia to enact euthanasia laws on Nov 29, 2017. Victorian parliament’s both houses have passed the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. According to the law, the person who is already on the verge of dying because of an incurable, progressive or advanced disease can end their life.

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