Who Was Dr Matthew Willson? British Man Shot Through Wall In Georgia Shooting

A tragic incident recently took place in Brookhaven, Georgia stunned everyone when one of the notable personalities lost his life in it. Dr Matthew Willson a British astrophysicist lost his life when he was in his apartment along with his girlfriend belongs to the US. All of the sudden a bullet crossed over the wall and the doctor got shot and fell down. The girlfriend of the doctor was aghast and it took some time to understand her about what happened. The doctor then rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. Get more information on who is Dr Matthew Wilson and the death cause.

Who Was Dr. Matthew Willson? British Man Shot Through Wall In Georgia Shooting

According to the latest reports, the 31 years old British astrophysicist visited her beloved place from Surrey, England. It is being assumed that a complete incident is a matter of stray bullets fired by some of the amateurs who were supposed to engage in some reckless firearm activity and firing randomly that caused a grievous incident. In the initial investigation by the Police department, it was completely unintentional but a case of extreme carelessness as someone’s fame claimed the life of a decent man.

Who Was Dr. Matthew Willson?

If the details of the shooting concerned it came to know that the shooting awakened the couple before Matthew got the bullet. The mishap took place at around 2 AM as per the European Times. At the same hours, the Police department received numerous calls regarding shooting in the residence in a particular area near Willson’s apartment. At the time Willson got shot his girlfriend Katherine Shephard rushed to call the Police who were already arriving at the spot due to previous complaints. It took 20 minutes to shift Willson to the hospital where he was declared dead due to head trauma.

As we mentioned above Matthew Wilson was 31 years old astrophysicist who received his degree from Chertsey, Surrey, UK. Willson used to attend the University of Exeter regarding his research and gained his doctorate degree from the British Public research institution. As we informed you earlier Matthew visited Atlanta, Georgia to meet his long-distance girlfriend.

He was in a relationship with Katherine Shepard for three years. As of now, the Police has filed a homicide case and begun the investigation. However, none of the arrest has been made so far and no prime suspect has been mentioned. We will get back to you with further information and the latest worldwide updates.

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