Who Was Derricka Patrick? 29-Years-old Pregnant Women Shot and Killed – Obituary, Family

On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, a woman was shot and killed brutally at Englewood, Chicago. According to the sources, Derricka Patrick was a victim and shot and killed.

Who Was Derricka Patrick

She died in a Wednesday shooting. The crime made everyone shocked when people got to know that the woman was pregnant and about to give birth to a new life. This incident made everyone upset at the moment when the people got to know that she was pregnant.

Who Was Derricka Patrick?

According to the reports, two men approached her while she was sitting inside the car and shot her at the spot. Along with this, the shooting took place on Wednesday night at around 7 PM, said Chicago Police. This is not just a single crime where a pregnant woman is shot and killed.

Gun violence is turning into a dangerous form in America. Most of the netizens want to know the reason behind this incident. The deceased was identified as Derricka Patrick and now, the investigation has begun where they have been searched by police.

According to the police reports, Derricka Patrick was a hairstylist who used to live in Chicago. Many details have not been revealed by the police due to privacy reasons. When she was shot and killed, Derricka was pregnant and about to give birth to a new life. She never thought that this incident will take place with her.

Derricka Patrick Family and Friend

The police report revealed that she was sitting inside her car in the 7400 Block of South Vincennes Avenue when two people come near to her car and opened fire at her. At the time, she was found dead. Later, a 29-years-old was rushed to the University of Chicago Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Derricka’s family will be notified as soon as she was identified. Till now, the police did not share any single detail regarding her family and husband. This is a difficult time for her husband and the entire family who lost their two-family member in a single day.

Derricka’s friend took the support of social media to pay tributes to her. She was not much active on her social media accounts. The investigation is still underway and police did not make any arrests regarding to this incident. She will be always remembered by her family. May her soul rest in peace.

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