Who Was Charlise Mutten? 9-Year-Old Missing Girl Found Dead Who Killed Her?

An awful incident has become the talk of the town nowadays and remained a hot topic on the web when a man was accused of the murder of a 9 years old named old Charlise Mutten. The case came to the attention of the police authority after the corpse of the boy was recovered from a barrel yesterday on 18 January 2022. It is being said that the girl was last seen in the Blue Mountains and later her body was found in a barrel. The police department has started its rapid investigation. Get more information on the 9 years old kid murder case.

Who Was Charlise Mutten? 9-Year-Old Missing Girl Found Dead Who Killed Her?

Besides, In the initial investigation, police officials have found that the prime suspect of the murder is a 31-year-old man named Justin Stein. The information is gathered by detectives who were assisted by GPS data and some CCTV footage through which they managed to find the body of the 9 years old in the barrel in the bush near the Colo River yesterday night. At the beginning of the investigation, it is preassumed that the child was Charlise Mutten, however, the identity is yet to be confirmed officially. Although the mortal remains are pointing the child is Mutten.

Who Was Charlise Mutten?

As of now, a crime scene also has been demonstrated and the investigation is going on to conclude the case. Some of the specialist forensic officers have been deployed to examine the case. The picture of the kid is circulating all over the Internet. One of her photos captured at her school in the previous year featured the little girl getting a class award. A missing complaint had been filed somewhere around last week on Thursday or Friday and after 3-4 days later, the agency managed to recover her body after homicide detectives joined the search.

In addition to this, Deputy Commissioner Hudson said that the culprit tried to be fled with a boat at docks in inner Sydne but was unsuccessful as the boat was broken. As the culprit got failed to escape that assisted the Police to assume the location of Charlise from where she has last seen alive neat Mount Wilson and her body was recovered near Colo River in a barrel in the bush.

As we informed you many times that the police authority assumed that the girl was slain last Thursday. We will get back to you with further details of the case. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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