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Who Is Youtuber Tasha K Aka Latasha Kebe Husband Cheickna H Kebe? What She Said About Cardi B?



Tasha K is also known as a vlogger Latasha Kebe husband Cheickna H Kebe. One of the most adorable couples who never come to the attention of media for ill facts. The couple has been married for 15 years and still, they both are in a happy place with each other. The couple was neither surrounded by the controversies nor alleged each other for anything like most of the other couple. In fact, Chickena is considered the most loving, caring, and supportive husband, who is always beside his wife. Get more information on who is vlogger Latasha Kebe husband Cheickna H Kebe?

Tasha K Aka Latasha Kebe

Kebe hardly accepted the fine related to the popular yet disgraceful Cardi B sue case received much hype all over the Internet. The entire case got much publicity when the wife of Kebe vlogger Latasha accused the renowned rapper of some serious charges that later emerged false and she was sued by the rapper herself. The entire incident took place a couple of years ago but it was trending all over as a hot topic among the netizens in 2019. For all the unversed, vlogger Latasha alleged Cardi B had helped in her mouth as she was a sex worker and also used drugs.

Who Is Youtuber Tasha K?

However, all the allegations of the bloggers were baseless and the popular singer sued the vlogger to defame her in March 2019. Latasha Kebe who become the talk of the town after this incident gained immense fame. Although she faced much criticism for the fake charges. Tasha revealed all this information about the singer and rapper on her YouTube channel wherein she said that she would disclose some of the facts of the singer’s past. But all those allegations turned out fake and it has been said that it was a publicity stunt made by vloggers seeking fame.

Besides, the couple also collected the headlines at the time they were nearly getting arrested by a police officer when the cop halt them and asked for the driving documents. After that couple keeps away themselves from the controversies media attention. In addition to this, the couple was met a long while back in 2006 and ever since the lovely pair is together flourishing their family together.

Cardi sued the vlogger back in 2019 and yesterday on 24 January 2022 the court declared her the winner of the case and was assigned the $1.5 million as lawsuit win. After winning the popular admired her grandmother and regarded her as a guardian angel and support while she was preparing for the case. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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