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Who is YouTuber CRS Firearms? Why Is He Arrested Real Name Matthew Hoover Charges and Allegation?



Once again, YouTuber CRS Firearms Matthew Hoover is remaining the hot potato among everyone due to his arresting issue, as the news is getting surfaced on the social networking sites. Therefore, as soon as the time is passing and the news catching the heat, it is enhancing the immense curiosity among everyone. Because whenever someone comes into the limelight due to some controversial issues it brings the massive curiosity as well, under which, everyone pays attention to get the comprehensive details along with the past record of the face. So below you could get everything you need to know along with some untold facts.

CRS Firearms

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Shooter Matthew Hoover has been taken into custody due to the indentation for Auto Key Cards through United State Marshall(USM), he was lately alleged of making a plan along with another one whose identification has been revealed through the concerned department during the investigations. His partner’s name is Kris Ervin in such orders to promote and sell, “Auto Cards” which are usually known as automatic weapons. Besides this, many statements are also taking place which is overturning the entire case and making it complicated as well.

Who Is CRS Firearms Matthew Hoover?

CRS Firearms is a popular YouTuber who has thousands of subscribers and almost everyone likes to watch his videos, which he usually posts on his channel. His real name is Matthew Hoover, he owns an eminent channel that focuses on firearms, individual security brain, self-preservation, and supply chains influencing weapons and ammo. He handles the resale shop as well which is located in Wisconsin along with the helo of his family by selling furniture, collectibles family merchandise, etc. Still, a few pieces of information are pending to reveal

If the sources are to be believed, so die-hard supporters of the YouTuber are supporting him and urging the concerned department for releasing him, while mentioning that the public authority gets the genuine offender. As everyone is getting to know about this news, their curiosity is increasing even more to know the complete details, because some reports have just claimed that he has been arrested, and therefore all the roomers are still coming out. But so far as we have been told only reports have come out regarding the news and that is why many different claims have come to the fore as well which are creating the buzz among everyone.


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