Who Is West Elm Caleb Hunter? Why NYC Man ‘Serial Dater’ Goes Viral On TikTok Reddit?

Social media is such kind of platform where every day, a couple of people goes viral. The reason behind them going viral could be anything but it is no doubt that it has become a regular thing. One name that has occupied almost all platforms is “West Elm Caleb”. If you must have come across this name on the internet too. Well, if you are wondering who is he and why is he trending online, we have got you covered. Let us find out who is West Elm Caleb and everything about the matter.

Who Is West Elm Caleb Hunter? Why NYC Man 'Serial Dater' Goes Viral On TikTok Reddit?

Recently, multiple women have been taking to TikTok, a popular video-sharing platform, to share their disappointing dates with West Elm Caleb. Yes, the furniture designer has come to the spotlight as he has been exposed by several women for ghosting. Plenty of videos and reels are being shared on the platform where women are accusing Hunter who reportedly works at West Elm on Hinge of ghosting them.

Who is West Elm Caleb Hunter?

The women are claiming that the person sent them numerous flirtatious messages before eventually ghosting them. A TikTok user @kellsbellsbaby whose name happens to be Kell has even described the man. The user has described Hunter as a tall and artsy man having a mustache. She claimed that she dated the man for over six weeks and it was later she realized that West Elm Caleb has been in a relationship with every second woman in New York City.

After her video went viral, other women are also coming forward and sharing their experiences. As the matter started trending, popular producer Zach Schwartz joked saying the moment seems like a real John Tucker Must Die. For those unversed, the movie had featured the ex-girlfriends of a teenager who makes the latter fall in love with another girl only for her to break up with him as they sought revenge on him. Sharing her experience, another user @meemshou wrote that this is dedicated to Caleb and that she has no hard feelings for him.

The user joked saying Caleb was too tall. She went ahead to share a video saying that she needed to warn her girls about this Caleb from West Elm. Since then various videos have been shared by women online. However, not much information is known about West Elm Caleb at this moment. Stay tuned to our site to know more about the matter and for other worldwide news.

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