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Who Is Wes Thomas? Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Brother Broke Records For UPenn Men’s Team



The most brilliant and esteemed athlete and trans-swimmer again generated buzz with her incredible victory in the recent swimming competition wherein she registered victory in both 100m and 200m freestyle races against Harvard. The 22 years old athlete engaged in a contest held at an NCAA college swim meets squaring off against the Harvard University women’s team in Boston, Massachusetts. As of now, the commendable swimmer collecting congratulations from all over and even breaking the Internet with her wonderful victory in the recent competition. Obtain more information on Who is Lia Thomas brother Wes Thomas.

Who Is Wes Thomas? Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Brother Broke Records For UPenn Men's Team

Well, if we talk about Lia the athlete touched the finishing line of 100m race within 50.55 seconds whereas she covered the 200m freestyle in 1:47:08. Her achievement is collecting appreciation all over and becoming the talk of the town all over the Internet. However, the triumph also provoked controversy among the other female participants and their parents who decided to go against the trans-swimmer in the team. Although, the controversy even highlighted the registered record of Thomas all over the Internet. The people are also want to learn more about her brother Wes Thomas.

Who Is Lia Thomas Brother Wes Thomas?

For all the unversed, we would like to inform you that Lia Thomas earlier participated as a male aspirant in the initial three years at UPenn. Later, the NCAA guidelines allowed Thomas to participate as a female contestant after she underwent hormone therapy for gender transition. Thomas had been considered as the star swimmer during her school days and acknowledged with several achievements and commendable winning streaks. A few people are aware that Lia also has an elder brother who is also an impeccable athlete and swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania at the time competing with men.

If we concern more about that, Lia Thomas was previously Will Thomas but the identity has been changed after Thomas underwent the surgery. She was raised in Austin, Texas. She completed her higher studies at Westlake High School and she was quite interested in swimming during her school days. As and when she started competing in the cluster competition she broke numerous records and gained the title of the star swimmer.

In 2017, UPenn allowed him in competing in the men’s swimming contest and Thomas retained its winning streaks from 2017 to 2020. She also has an elder brother Wes Thomas who attended the Ivy League Institute and graduated in 2017. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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