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Who Is Tori Yorgi? West Virginia Reporter Hit By Car Video Viral On Social Media



Nowadays fatal accident videos fetch huge attention from the Netizen that later went viral across the Internet making other consumers eager to know more about the details and the victims of the accident. A number of videos uploaded on the web fetched much attention but some of them get extremely popular and become a sort of trend for which the general audience gets curious. Most lately another accident video of Tori Yorgi is trending all over the Internet. Tori Yorgi was a reporter working for WSAZ TV who was reported in West Virginia when she was hit by a car.

Who Is Tori Yorgi? West Virginia Reporter Hit By Car Video Viral On Social Media

The current accident of the reporter Tori Yorgi working for WSAZ TV is circulating all over the Internet. It is being said when she met with the mishap she was reporting the weather on the road when she was hit by the car. The law enforcement has been lodged the case of the accident and the investigation has been started. Along with that, the identity of the car driver is still being reviewed. The Police Authority is also trying to fetch more details of the accident.

Tori Yorgi Hit By car While Reporting

The viral video of Tori Yogi is surfacing all over the Internet and become a hot topic among social media consumers. The video is getting shared by the consumers from platform to platform. If we talk about the video, Tori was reporting to Tim Irr from the studio at the time she got a sudden push from a car. Another source claimed that the car was sliding on the snow and hit the reporter.

The entire WSAZ TV organization is disheartened and all the colleagues are sending their deep condolence to the family members of the deceased. The media channel also paid its heartfelt tribute to the reporter. The video was also shown by the channel when she was reporting to Tim and got hit by the car last night on Thursday on 20 January 2022. Tori Yogi was live broadcasting for the channel when an SUV seems sliding toward her and pushed into her.

Tori falls down and was assisted by another person. But she continuously said that she is fine and stood up and again said that she is fine. The reporter bounced up like a boss and continued reporting. Later, it turned into a hysterical video circulating over the Internet. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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