Who Is SkyDoesMinecraft (Adam Dahlberg)? Girlfriend Name Images? What Happened To Him?

One of the famous inline streamers named SkyDoesMinecarft also known as NetNobody and Adam seems surrounded by huge controversies nowadays. After her former partner accused him of some serious charges. All of the fans of the streamer are even shocked by the allegation as her ex-girlfriend is talking with strong evidence and making people believe in her words. The evidence are compelling all of the fans to think again about their admirer. Elizabeth, former girlfriend of SkyDoesMinecraft brought storm Social Media lately and stunned all the netizens. Get more information on Who is SkyDoesMinecraft aka Adam Dahlberg.

Adam Dahlberg

As we mentioned above Elizabeth the ex-partner of the streamer exposed the online personality. She Twitter with her personnel account (@Lizbuggie) that the time has come and everyone knows the truth. She further wrote that she has been tired of forgiving you. “The Police Know. Putting the evidence below since it won’t upload appropriately,” added Elizabeth. This is the first allegation against the YouTuber along with 6000 words document as evidence against him. All the documents have been uploaded on iCloud showing the misconduct and harassment on Elizabeth by the YouTuber.

Who Is Adam Dahlberg?

This isn’t enough as Elizabeth also describe her horrible conditions at the time she was living with the streamer in other Tweets. She claimed Adam is a sick man, she further said that she tried to live along with him for months and loved him from the depth of her heart. She added that she even lots of money to retain her relationship with him. Elizabeth said that you gave your words to me and later withdrew them after manipulating my life and feelings to control her. Elizabeth is not the one who alleged the YouTuber but Adam’s numerous former colleagues and friends accused him of the same.

Another statement of Elizabeth reads that the YouTuber used his popularity, his name, and the reputed platform with which he is associated to execute all of the disgraceful things. She says he wasn’t limited with the verbal abuse but even harassed her even after she is the mother of her second child. The statement continued reads that “you traumatized me and put me through things NO ONE should ever have to experience.”

She said that she wants to get rid of all these and wants to expose her real face in front of people. Elizabeth a number of screenshots of chats and voice and video recording she bore. It is being said that the Police have learnt about the case and begun investigation on the serious matter. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.

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