Who Is Rebecca Lanette Taylor and Why Is She Arrested Check Charges and Reports

Most Lately a weird incident is breaking the Internet wherein a woman is trying to buy another woman’s child at Walmart. The entire incident took place in Texas and after getting caught she is raking the attention of the audience all over the web. According to the reports, a woman named Rebecca Lanette Taylor who has involved as a culprit in the incident detained by law enforcement after alleging for buying an infant inside the Walmart Store. The culprit is trending across social media for this bizarre incident. Get more information on Rebecca Lenette Taylor and arrest cause.

Rebecca Lanette Taylor

According to the latest updates issued by the law enforcement received from the culprit in the initial investigation, the woman named Rebecca was offering a lady $500,000 in exchange for her infant baby. She was trying to influence the lady to take the money and give her baby to Rebecca. The incident happened a week earlier in Crockett, Texas. In addition to this, the police officer stated that another lady was on the self-checkout counter when she complain to the police official about Rebecca. She also said that she was not alone at the time she asked for selling the baby. One more woman was along with her.

After the incident become a hot topic on the web, the social media consumers tried to gain information regarding the culprit, Rebecca Lanette Taylor. Well, the lady belongs to Texas. Her image has been widely spread on social media and on various platforms of the Internet. After the complaint of the victim lady, Rebecca was apprehended by the authority and proceeded for further investigation. It comes to know that initially the mother took it casually and tried to laugh it off, but Taylor was all after her and insist to purchase her baby.

She even followed her to the parking lot and offers $250,000 cash for the baby. Taylor went mad and started screaming that she was ready to give $500,000 as she wanted the baby and she would take him. The above information is released by Messenger in the parking lot.

The mother then filed a complaint against Taylor who was detained by the official later. As of now, she received bail after getting booked in the Houston County Jail and released on a bond of $50,000. The 49 years old lady still remained in the news for this extremely strange case. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.


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