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Who is Melani Juarez? 21-year-old OnlyFans model found dead with 14 stab wounds on her body



Melani Juarez, an OnlyFans model was stabbed to death at a guesthouse in Rosario, Argentina. She had at least 14 stab wounds on her body when she was discovered by her pals on Monday, January 17.

Her friends and relatives called the cops when she had not been active on social media for 48 hours, according to La Nacion. Melani’s brother Agustin, who had a spare key to the guesthouse, was the first person to discover the body. Melani’s corpse was found on the floor while her head was lying on the bed’s mattress.

According to forensic specialists, the front door and window were not forced open. The eyewitnesses also stated that the lights were turned off and that the television was turned on at full volume. Melani’s cell phone was the only thing missing from her guesthouse. According to experts, the model was killed in the early hours of Sunday, January 16. According to the authority, Melani’s neighbors reported they had not heard any sounds but did sense “a scent of decay.”

One important piece of evidence discovered by police was that one of the room’s proprietors claimed to have seen a male guest leave abruptly on January 16. The individual was alleged to have been staying at the guesthouse for a few weeks and had conflicts with numerous other visitors. Melani was regarded by the owner as a peaceful individual who had no problems with anyone. Melani’s brother, Agustin, informed police that a guy had stayed there “till last Sunday,” the day on which Melani was murdered.

According to the portal, Agustin said the man “paid for a month, but he remained for two weeks and departed on Sunday.”  Melani had been staying at the guesthouse for roughly six months before she was murdered. Prosecutor Ademar Bianchini is now on a mission to find and identify the mysterious man. She allegedly made the most of her money on OnlyFans, a subscription-only site known for its explicit material, where she had been posting erotica since February of last year. Melani “loved to dance,” Augustin told La Nacion, and she also worked as a bicycle delivery person. Melani’s murder is one of 13 crimes registered by the Rosario Police Department in the first 18 days of 2022. The inquiry is still underway.

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