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Who Is Mariela Barajas? Salesian High School Teacher Alleged Charges



The teacher is the one who we have respected most in our life, well, the teacher is the one who played a crucial life teaching our principles. The teacher is the one nourishing us and prepared us for the race of life. But not all teachers are the same who carried a good heart and concern for students especially nowadays when anyone can stoop so low can even makes its student a prey to fulfill her desire. Recently such a teacher is grabbing the attention of the people on the Internet. A school teacher named Mariela Barajas was accused of conveying adult images to a youngster.

Who Is Mariela Barajas

According to the latest reports, Mariela Barajas was a former teacher at Salesian High School who was alleged with some serious charges of sending sexual material to a 15-year-old kid. The complete statement has been released by a District Attorney named Miriam E Roach at Westchester Country District. She has been charged for transferring adult content to a minor who might be admitted to the school where she used to teach. The court proceeds her for the investigation she will soon serve according to law.

Who Is Mariela Barajas?

Recently she was associated with New Rochelle School designated as a teacher from December 2021 to the ongoing month of 2022. As and when her activity came to the attention of the law enforcement she had been taken into custody for negotiation on 24th January 2022, Monday. As we assumed above, she was sending explicit content to a student of Salesian High School kid she used to teach. In addition to this, the 22 years old teacher was chatting with the youngster and sharing some adult videos featuring herself. She was alleged with grooming allegations so far.

As of now, the case in its initial investigation police authorities is briefing all the pros and cons of the case. Most lately, she has been arrested by the police authority however, none of the charges has been proved on the teacher so far. The next hearing of the court is scheduled for 14th February at Mount Vernon City Court.

As per the reports, Barajas belong and were raised at Mount Vernon, New York. The authority hasn’t released much information about the young teacher. We will soon get back to you with further information regarding Mariela Barajas. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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