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Who is Madita Van Hülsen? Television Presenter Check Wiki Bio Instagram Twitter Profile



Madita Van Hülsen, the name is getting immense popularity nowadays. The reputed and popular host is garnering significant stardom that is enhancing with each day passing. The renowned TV personality earned fame with Point 12 ‘Exclusive’, ‘Battle Of Letters’, and ‘Rent, Buy, Live’ Hülsen is a famous household name. All the people who tune in to a private radio broadcast. Well, along with that she is also famous to handle all the grim situations with her calm mindset and a pearl of brilliant wisdom. Get more information on Madita Van Hülsen wiki, Age, Husband, and Net Worth.

Madita Van Hülsen

According to the latest updates, she is undergoing training through ‘K1 Magazin’. All the famous radio private shows we mentioned above include ‘Exclusive’, Battle of Letters. Well, the versatile personality has earned enormous fame. Any of the individual who has listened to her show and has some misunderstanding her. Madita Van Hülsen was born in 1981 and raised in Hamburg. She started her career in the entertainment industry when she was a child at the time she played the role of the model in Otto’s catalogue.

After completing her higher studies from high school she moved to New York for six months and then moved to Hamburg and gained a degree in communication. He then picked the topic of her from scratch and completed masters in it. The famous radio personality started working as a climate spokesperson and then initiated a radio show named ‘Remmi Demmi’. Along with that she also got engaged in publishing “Ideal! Interview Magazine”. She then approached one of the renowned broadcasters like ProSieben and Kabel Eins. Later she engaged in a cooking competition as she was trying her versatility of Thermomix at the “Kabel 1” featured with Chef Steffen Ziemann.

She collaborated with some of her friends of Sebastian Lege and learnt about the food. During the moderation of all the programmes and along with that she also managed to convince the Kabel Eins radio station for the weekly broadcast of K1 Magazin. Well, there is not much available on Hülsenn. If any of the readers are keen to learn more about her you can simply follow her through her Instagram account. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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