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Who is Lucydasshh On TikTok? Watch Full Viral Videos Instagram Real Name Women Exposes Boyfriend’s Message



Once again, user Lucydasshh is becoming the hot discussion among the people while remaining the hot potato, because her viral video is setting the fire on social media. Since the video is spotted on the internet, it has fetched plenty of views along with reactions because hardly someone is here who did not react to the post, as her video is getting circulated on social media rapidly. This is the reason whoever is watching the video their shocking reactions are coming to the fore, but besides all this, everyone is keen to get everything about the viral face.


According to the reports, Lucydasshh is a popular TikTok star who is a hairstylist as well and owns her salon based in New York’s Brooklyn. Since coming into the limelight through her video which is now surfacing on the internet sites, she has shared footage while driving as her boyfriend was lying on the backside and kept on talking to an anonymous girl with whom he wants to meet as soon as possible, even he gave her date as well that they should meet on 12th January 2022. But he did not know that she is hearing everything, as his chatting is red by her.

What Is Lucydasshh Video?

In the video, you could watch how she is looking at his chat with that girl when he was trying to sleep, but she knew everything, hence she shared footage as well to show his exploit to everyone. As soon as the video is getting viral on social media, it is grabbing the immense reaction from the users. Whoever is hearing the statement in the video their shocking reactions are taking place because, her boyfriend is doing such things in front of her, which is inappropriate enough and not right at all.

It is being reported that more than, 13k people have followed her on Instagram and around 151k people have followed her on Tiktok as well. Because usually, appears while posting her content as she has plenty of accounts, her all photos and video have fetched around 825k likes. Yet no details about her boyfriend come to the fore, therefore, plenty of searches are spotted on their name as well. After the incident, both got into an argument as he was cheating on her by having an affair with someone else, which seems inappropriate, so we have mentioned such details here which have been derived from the other sources.

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