Who Is Louis Barrera? US Marine Charged In Camp Lejeune Marines Accident

The very shocking news is coming in front of the people from North Carolina, which has surprised everyone because this kind of negligence that can take someone’s life, is not appropriate enough and requires strict actions. Yes, you heard right, lately, a military tactical vehicle which was driven by US Marine Louis Barrera overturned near Camp Lejeune in North Carolina on Wednesday, which became the cause of two departures of service members while making other 17 injured badly. So below you could get everything along with the statement of the defaulter whose prime involvement is standing behind the exploit.

Who Is Louis Barrera US Marine Charged In Camp Lejeune Marines Accident

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the incident occurred around 01:00 PM at the US 17 intersection and highway 210 in Jacksonville, this is what is said by the state highway patrol. It is being said that truck was trying to make a right tune near an intersection when it overturned into the median while throwing more the 16 passengers out from it. The incident was sudden to such an extent that no one was able to do anything to save, and this is the reason why so many people were injured in the accident with the death of 2, which is literally heartbreaking.

Who Is Louis Barrera?

It is being reported that the concerned department is identified the driver, who was driving the truck, so the driver was a 19-years-old Louis Barrera, he has been charged along with a count of exceeding a safe speed along with two counts of Misdemeanor demise. All those whose involvement was spotted behind the colliding, as soon as everyone is aware of the news, their reaction is coming out because two innocent people lost their lives in this accident, which no one had imagined. Therefore, everyone is sending their deepest condolence to the family as well, as they have lost an integral part of their family.

If the reports are to be considered, so both deceased were initially brought to the nearest medical center so that, the doctor’s team could save them, but due to severe injuries their health complications took the worst face. But after a long treatment, the Wilmington Hospital team pronounced them dead, but the rest of the injured are being treated by them unless they get recovered properly. But besides, this the driver has been charged by the concerned department because speed-enhancing is not required at the turning points, because the loss of sight, an accident happened scan can happen at any time if someone does this then then

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