Who Is Khrisha Shah? Anil Ambani Son Anmol Ambani’s Fiance Bio Age Profession Net Worth

Recently a name Khrisha Shah is getting much popularity all over the Internet and people are trying to learn more about the famous personality. Recently a famous party member from Nationalist Congress Party member Supriya Sule who shared some of the adorable images of a ceremony held at Ambani’s place during a family gathering. The images feature Tina Ambani along with her son Anmol standing with her fiancee Khrisha Shah. She also put a caption with the image wherein she is congratulating the adorable couple on the mesmerising event of her engagement. Obtain more information on Who is Krishna Shah?

Who Is Khrisha Shah? Anil Ambani Son Anmol Ambani's Fiance Bio Age Profession Net Worth

Well, according to the latest reports, the son of Anil Ambani is recently engaged with the famous entrepreneur Khrisha. The Ambani family is gearing up to welcome immense happiness shortly. The engagement ceremony took place on Friday morning on 21 January 2022 when the son of Anil Ambani, Anmol exchange the ring with her to be life partner Khrisha. As we informed our reader’s images of the engagement has been shared by Supriya on Instagram getting favourable words of mouth from all over and receiving congratulations.

Who Is Khrisha Shah?

As the images of the engagement and of the pair surface all across the web netizens and other consumers are getting curious to know more about Anmol Ambani’s finance. Well, if we talk more about her, Khrisha was born and raised in Mumbai. She is a well-known entrepreneur and social worker known for her good deeds. She is a well-educated and independent girl who is holding a degree in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics. Khrisha also studied Political Economy at the University of California. She later started working at Accenture in the UK for a while and later returned to her native country.

As far as Khrisha’s social work has been concerned she also took initiative for a mental health campaign with the name #Lovenotfea to talk about mental health. The campaign was concerned about the problems caused due to pandemic. Khrisha is also the founder of Dysco a well-established social network company famous for ‘Creative Collaboration’.

On another hand, Anmol Ambani is the son of the popular and reputed Indian businessman and the chairman of Reliance Group. Both tied in a relationship during a small family gathering on Friday morning. Interested readers can follow both of them through her official social media accounts for further updates. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more worldwide information.

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