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Who Is imfendii Tiktok Is He Dead or Alive? Real Name Age and Death Hoax Real Or Fake Instagram



Famous TikTok creator prominently known as imfendii is now surrounded by thousands of questions against him and it all started with news claiming that imfendii has died. However, no official update was made about him but rumours were taking place claiming that the Tiktoker has died and since the news is popping it seems like havoc was created on social media because everyone is keen to know if imfendii is alive or not. Well, if you are also one of those who were searching about the same so be here because here we will let you know something that can change your love for the creator.

Who Is imfendii Tiktok

Well, no doubt he is one of the well-known personalities on TikTok but as he is grabbing headlines plenty of people have started searching about him and therefore we would like to let you know that he is a TikTok creator who usually makes short videos along with life quotes on them. However, people started loving him from the very first video and as a result, he got immense popularity but it seems like the fame was not for him because recently he spread rumours from his own about his death and this made so many heart grieved and everyone started to deliver tributes for him. Well, if you are searching about him and feeling sad thinking he is dead so you don’t have to be worried for him because he was not dead and it was all a rumour.

Talking about his TikTok so because of his content he has got 549.6k followers with 11 million likes on his account. Well, he is also quite famous on YT because almost 1k subscribers he has and due to this rumour about his death, perhaps people shall follow him. Well, if you are searching about his real name so we would like to tell you that so far he has not revealed his real name and he is only known as Imfendii.

Well, it all started with a clip that went viral and there was a caption written RIP Imfendii post which his fans started mourning his death but soon the boy come up and said that it was just a rumour that is being circulated on the internet and he is alive but he will not upload videos from now.

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