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Who is Britney neighbours? Neighbours confirms who died in devastating storm disaster



Neighborhood spoilers start with the episode, which airs in the UK on Wednesday (January 19), which some Australian viewers may prefer to avoid.


Neighbors aired Britney Barnes’ emotional exit on the show’s latest episode.

Britney, played by Montana Cox, was killed in the devastating storm disaster that hit Ellingsboro on the wedding day of Kyle Canning and Roxy Willis. Wednesday’s episode on Channel 5 featured a seven-day time jump as local residents mourned after a massacre at a flamingo bar.

Britney neighbours

The identity of the deceased was not known, but Ramsay Street residents were later seen attending Britney’s memorial service. A flashback later shows that Leo Tanaka (Tim Cano) finds Britney dead in the rubble after a telephone pole crashes into a flamingo bar during a storm, endangering Kyle and Roxy’s wedding reception guests on.

Leo and Britney’s youngest daughter, Abigail, survived the incident, meaning distraught Leo is now a single mum.

Britney made her first appearance on “Neighbors” last September, when Montana was a guest. Her death has been teased since December, when a neighbor’s promo offered the first chance to see a memorial service.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday’s episode, Therese Willis (Rebecca Elmalolu) also confides in Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengelly). how she blamed herself for Britney’s death.

Terese was alerted to evacuate the Flamingo Bar shortly before the accident, in case a storm was approaching. However, she was momentarily uneasy, delaying her arrival at the scene.

Flashbacks reveal the full story behind the mystery, as Therese discovers her love, Glenn Donnelly (Richard), outside Lassites in another romantic moment with Sharon Canning (Natasha Herbert). De Hegt) and started to get jealous. Terese told Chloe as he surveyed the wreckage outside the destroyed Flamingo Bar: “If I just ignore Glen and Sharon and just come here, I’ll have time to get everyone out.”

Chloe replied: “We can talk for a minute at most. Even if you come directly, by the time you surround everyone, it will be too late.” Tracy disagreed: “Chloe, our family and friends are hurt and Britney died because I was jealous.”

In the aftermath, Therese decides it’s time to let go of her feelings for Glenn and focus on her estranged husband, Paul Robinson (Stephen Dennis), who is facing a difficult recovery from a storm injury.

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